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Remarks to the Muslim Association of Snoqualmie Ridge

Back in November of 2015, Washington State Representative Jay Rodne (R-05) made some inflammatory remarks about Muslims and Sharia law, leading to many ugly statements from others in the community expressing their own ignorance and hatred. In response, the Muslims in our community of Snoqualmie and North Bend came together in a community open house… Read More »

Being John Lewis. And Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell. And Even Myself.

Today, August 19, 2016, I had the great pleasure and extreme privilege to meet the honorable Congressional Representative John Lewis, his digital director Andrew Aydin, and illustrator Nate Powell when they came to Seattle as part of their book release tour for “March Book 3.” Representative Lewis and Mr. Aydin collaborated on the story and… Read More »

When It Feels Like It’s Time to Give Up

I wrote this for a friend who’d reached a low spot in life, and thought I’d share with people who need to be reminded of their value. You can’t change the world all at once. You can change the world a little bit at a time, maybe by changing the people in it a little… Read More »

The American Church and American Racism: A Safe Place to Talk

Stay tuned for our open community discussion about race in America, specifically on the American church and how we have responded and what we can do to change our responses. This 13-week class will start on Wednesday nights in September, 2016 at the Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church campus, and will run about 60-90 minutes each week. The… Read More »

Are White People Still Racist?

Recently an apparently sincere white guy in the PNW made the statement along the lines of “white people aren’t that racist anymore,” and used as an example how we in the PNW are much nicer to “those people.” I’ve changed his name to “Sam” in my response here because I don’t think his post in… Read More »

To Be Enough: Rest and Restoration

As allies of our brothers and sisters, we might not always be on the front lines. It is not a struggle where we as allies should be at the front and in charge. It is a  struggle where we amplify and encourage and validate, where we listen and where we stand alongside. It is not… Read More »

For People Who Have “Pro-Life” Words Without Pro-Life Deeds

Y’all are just yelling amongst yourselves. If you can’t figure out why black Americans don’t listen to you, it’s not because you aren’t yelling loud enough. Maybe stop shouting and shaming and screaming will help. Maybe asking black Americans will help. Maybe listening to their concerns will help. Maybe they are pro-life and not just… Read More »

A Jury of One’s Peers

You may (or may have not) seen video circulating recently showing the last moments of black American men shot by American cops. Some of my friends think we should see them. Some of my friends think we should not. I respect them all so much, and those who are against seeing them have my full… Read More »

Donald Trump Is Not the Problem: We Are the Problem

I do not think Trump supporters in general are stupid, or more simply, more stupid than others.   I do think that the issue with people supporting Trump has nothing to do with stupidity, but with the willingness to dispense with disbelief and accept utter nonsense as factual data.   To be stupid means to… Read More »

A Discussion About Race: Local Community Discussion in Fall City

There was an eloquent, impassioned, direct, and informed speech by Jesse Williams the other night at the BET Awards. I’ll quote here: “Peace. Peace. Thank you Debra. Thank you, Nate Parker. Thank you, Harry and Debbie Allen, for participating in that. Before we get into it, I just want to say I brought my parents… Read More »

Muhammad Ali 1942-2016

Ali was incomprehensible to me at the time. I was alive and aware when he changed his name and religion, and when he spoke against the United States’ foreign policy and wars. It was incomprehensible to me that any American would do anything but support the United States as-is, especially to the point where any… Read More »