Windows 10 and Me

#Windows10 fail I have an HP Pavilion D7 laptop. Microsoft advertised to me for a few months (it seems) that my laptop was capable of upgrading to Windows 10. So on July 29, 2015, when I was prompted, I said “Yes!” to the upgrade. Downloading took a few hours. It’s about a 2Gb install. Over… Read More »

Somehow What Matters Doesn’t Matter

Somehow Christians don’t get upset when tens of millions of children in America go to bed hungry. Somehow Christians don’t get upset when millions of women in America can’t afford a place for their families to sleep. Somehow Christians don’t get upset when millions of veterans in America don’t have pensions large enough to keep… Read More »

Questions for Christians Searching for Answers

From the Internets. Some questions to ask before insisting that your version of Christianity should be mandated as a rule of law for everyone, including non-Christians and Christians who don’t believe as you do. 1) Do you also demand the death penalty for those who curse their parents (Lev 20:9)? 2) Do you demand the… Read More »

Being Jesus to the World We Live In

We always had the chance to be Christian. To be like Christ. To be loving and sacrificial, to care for widows and orphans, to feed the hungry, heal the sick, love the lost, to put others first, to speak, teach, and live peace. That opportunity was always there. Instead we chose to ratchet up our… Read More »

Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter?

Someone asked recently “Why isn’t it ‘All Lives Matter’?” Here’s my response: When a house is burning down you send the fire department to that house, not to all houses. You don’t say “All Houses Matter.” You say “For God’s sake, help put the fire out and rescue any victims.” Black Americans are incarcerated at… Read More »

How Marriage Equality Affects You

Here’s the real scoop: A quick guide to how the Supreme Court decision on marriage affects you. (h/t/ Kai Bolger) If You Are a Heterosexual and Do NOT Want to Enter into a Homosexual Marriage: You will NOT be required to marry a gay person. This is a common misunderstanding. This decision actually does not… Read More »

Symbols and Signposts

Recently a friend forwarded a link to me and asked me to comment on it. I’ll post the link here, so you can read the context. I hope you’ll return here when you’re done. Flag of the Heart (The Real Problem) Now, please understand I have great respect and admiration for the general Anabaptist position.… Read More »

Author Appearance – Renton Washington

I’ll be in Renton WA for an author appearance at AFK Elixers and Eatery, 2pm-9pm on Saturday, June 27, 2015. Along with myself, Connie Jasperson, AJ Downey, Sechin Tower, Lee French, Lindsay Schopfer, David Moore, and Jeffrey Cook are the featured authors this time around. The event at AFK – “Away From Keyboard” – is themed… Read More »