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Remarks to the Muslim Association of Snoqualmie Ridge

Back in November of 2015, Washington State Representative Jay Rodne (R-05) made some inflammatory remarks about Muslims and Sharia law, leading to many ugly statements from others in the community expressing their own ignorance and hatred. In response, the Muslims in our community of Snoqualmie and North Bend came together in a community open house… Read More »

When White Supremacy Breaks

“Trump is what happens when white American bourgeois masculinity is celebrated, allowed, and desired throughout one’s life.” Darnell L. Moore What Darnell L. Moore says here about white male supremacy is all true—and more—but I wanted to extend this to talk about us, white men who knowingly or unknowingly buy into the idea that we… Read More »

On Empathy

Some helpful techniques and guidance about how to listen when people tell you something about themselves. It’s called empathy: When someone speaks of their experience, pain, or situation, empathy is to listen, and then to walk or sit with them. Often when people tell you of a painful event they aren’t asking for your own… Read More »

For Brian Crooks and His Supporters

I posted this on Facebook in Brian Crooks’s feed but I wanted to bring it forward. It is for Brian, of course, but it is for his many white supporters who hear what he says and ask “how can I help?” Dear FB Friend Brian, I can’t claim I ‘know’ other than as a FB… Read More »

Open Community Discussion: Racism and the American Experience

I’ll be hosting an open community discussion this fall, from September 14th through November 23, at Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church, on the topic of racism in America as it applies to the American church, and more broadly to the American experience. We’ll be using Dr. Drew Hart’s book as the starting point for the discussion.… Read More »

Respect–Given and Earned, Not Demanded and Taken

To say to a bank “I expect you to keep my money safe and not just throw it willy-nilly into the street” isn’t disrespect. It’s respecting the word of the bank and demanding it holds true to that promise it makes to you, to keep your money safe. To say to a restaurant “I expect… Read More »

Being John Lewis. And Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell. And Even Myself.

Today, August 19, 2016, I had the great pleasure and extreme privilege to meet the honorable Congressional Representative John Lewis, his digital director Andrew Aydin, and illustrator Nate Powell when they came to Seattle as part of their book release tour for “March Book 3.” Representative Lewis and Mr. Aydin collaborated on the story and… Read More »

When It Feels Like It’s Time to Give Up

I wrote this for a friend who’d reached a low spot in life, and thought I’d share with people who need to be reminded of their value. You can’t change the world all at once. You can change the world a little bit at a time, maybe by changing the people in it a little… Read More »

The American Church and American Racism: A Safe Place to Talk

Stay tuned for our open community discussion about race in America, specifically on the American church and how we have responded and what we can do to change our responses. This 13-week class will start on Wednesday nights in September, 2016 at the Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church campus, and will run about 60-90 minutes each week. The… Read More »