The Sequel: Many Waters

By | October 3, 2012

Here is the first draft of the synopsis/blurb for the sequel to Stars in the Texas Sky:

ManyWatersCoverMany Waters, the sequel to Stars in the Texas Sky, continues the story of Henry and Peggy as they explore young love, betrayal, temptation, and hoped-for restoration during a time of growing turmoil. It’s 1956 in Windmill, Texas, and Henry is a junior in high school, deeply in love with Peggy, and she with him. But then Liana, a young divorcee with a baby, returns to town and tries to recover her innocence by making a play for Henry. Tommy’s back, too, after a 2-year stint in Special Forces as a “consultant” to the French armed forces in IndoChina, and he discovers the truth of the adage that you can’t cross the same river twice. When H. Paradise Trueblood, a nationally known radio evangelist, comes to town to break ground for his Bible college, conflict erupts between him and the high school science teacher who is already busy preparing for the International Geophysical Year. Henry must walk the balance of faith and reason as his baby brother falls sick from polio, while struggling with the growing breakdown in his relationship with Joey, his best friend, his rival, and co-candidate for county-wide athlete of the year. Through it all, Henry must struggle with love and fear and acceptance, and finally understands that relationships matter, because the old saying is still true: many waters cannot quench love.

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