The Poor You Will Always Have With You

By | August 17, 2013

Fraud, abuse, and waste DOES occur. It’s because we are a government of people, and people…cheat. The key isn’t to say because some fraud occurs the entire program is a waste. The thing is to look at the overall goals of the program, which is to provide nutrition for those who need it. Ate we doing that? Great. Are some abusing it? Probably. But at very low levels, and not at the ginormous costs of fraud in other programs which do not lead to the same sense of moral outrage. Seeing some poor people getting more than they deserve, for some reason, makes us far angrier than seeing ordinary middle class people or even rich people fleece taxpayers.

It is wrong to abuse the system. But it is very wrong of us to focus on the poor. In some cases this is the only thing they have that keeps them from tipping over into catastrophe.

The poor are always with us, Jesus says. They’re not going to go away because we despise them. We have a moral obligation as humans and believers to help the poor, not to blame them and despise them.

What good is our faith if it is only for Sunday mornings, and only something to be listened to and not obeyed?