Pay Your Bills

By | September 19, 2013

The Republicans are again threatening to not authorize the increase in the debt ceiling. This is an accounting sleight-of-hand to disguise the fact that spending has already been authorized and the funds already spent at the direction of Congress which includes Republicans.

This is what gets me. It’s like buying a car and then deciding you don’t like the high monthly payments, so you decide to stop paying them to force the bank to give the car without payment.

These are our debts. We incurred them because we passed spending bills that were signed into law.

The debt ceiling was, I presume, supposed to be used to warn Congress before it passed the bills that they couldn’t overspend because someone would pull the checkbook. But Congress knows they can get the checkbook back (by raising the debt ceiling), so they kept writing checks.

Now we are trying to take the checkbook away, but the checks are already written. The bank is now asking for the next payment, and the response of the Republicans is “We’re not going to send another check, even though we all are enjoying the spending we authorized and signed up for.”

This is just madness of the type that is easily recognizable as coming from an unhinged mind.

You guys, you Congressmen, authorized this spending. Pay your bills.

The way to stop spending is to not write the checks in the first place. Once you write them, you need to pay up.