This Has to Stop

By | September 19, 2013

This threat by the Republicans to crash the world’s economy needs to be halted.

The President of the United States rightfully needs to oppose these tactics, much along the lines of the presumed policy that the United States does not deal with terrorists.

I am not calling the Republicans terrorists. I think they’re stupid and short-sighted, and due to their rage at losing yet another election, they are nearly incapable of reason at this point. But just as we don’t deal with terrorists, we don’t deal with crazy people, even if there are a lot of them.

Crashing the economy and shutting down the government will not lead to electoral victory.

There are some people who are atavistic and want to burn down the world. They are not limited to just one party–they are in every large group. They are psychopaths or sociopaths. They are people who are literally crazy and yet also highly functional. They appear to be rational, but their rationale is to destroy the world around them.

Cruz and Lee are like this, as are 30 or 40 Tea Party Republicans in the House. They want to crash the world. They are hoping the Democrats will fear that crash of the world more than they fear the loss of the ACA. But the thing is, give in to the crazed Republicans now, and they will simply escalate to something worse the next time they are opposed.

The right thing to do for the Senate and the President and every sane person is to say No Surrender–You Shall Not Pass.