Review: The Desert Look

By | February 13, 2014

The Desert Look
The Desert Look by Bernard Schopen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Note that this is not my favorite genre, so my opinion might be biased.

This is a good piece of work about the revelation of a death some 30 years ago in the Nevada desert. A cast of disreputable sorts interacts with each other in the present as well as in the past, and ultimately the true murderer(s) is/are revealed.

I finished the book, but I had a hard time doing so, as the cast of characters was, to me, too great.

*** SPOILER ***

Several of the characters have several names and false pasts. I found it to be too much of a struggle to keep up and somewhere around the half-way mark I stopped trying to keep track of who was who.

I gamely continued but in the end I just couldn’t really get into any of the characters. None of them were pleasant, even the protagonist.

There are some moments of lyric beauty in the descriptive text of the Nevada desert, but the text is jumpy and awkward and hard to follow. I found that I struggled to “enjoy” the writing.

This is not a badly written book, I must say. The author is competent in writing in and crafting a plot. I suspect my opinion is weighed more upon my unfamiliarity with the genre. It is highly rated by others, and has even won an award for its genre, so–take this all as my opinion.

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