A Review of “A Chorus Line”

By | September 23, 2014

We’ve seen “A Chorus Line” a few dozen times, it seems. We’ve helped stage numbers from the show for students for a touring company of kids, and for kids in school. I think I know the show.

So I was pleasantly surprised at the Fifth Avenue’s version of “A Chorus Line” last night (21-Sep-14).

We were pleased because we know a significant number of people in the show, some of them since they were kids in various productions our kids were in. We were pleased by the openness and freshness of the staging and acting. We were pleased by the more overt change in the characters from their first somewhat stumbling attempts to learn the steps to the end where they are a smoothly running troup.

I wanted to highlight someone as well, the character of “Cassie”: Chryssie Whitehead. She was the best “Cassie” I’ve seen. Understated, underplayed, and yet just astonishingly explosive in her number.

Go see it if you can. Cheapest seats are $29.