We Are Waiting for Your Leadership, Church Leaders

By | June 18, 2015

I go to a great church and have a great pastor (Hi, Monty in Uganda leading a mission!), but I have to say this about the many shepherds over us Christians: why are you not leading us out from our endemic racism? Why is the white church still near-purely white? Why after 400 years of American diversity do we still have such division and separation, such lack of understanding and compassion? It’s something that has been with us, and it haunts us and stains us; it limits us and destroys us.

I’m just an ordinary Christian who tries to do the right thing and say the right things. I’m no expert in the things of God and man. I listen to you, the spiritual leaders, for insight and help so I can live a more obedient life.

Why are you silent? Why are you not acting? Why don’t you see the needs of the people of God in America for moral leadership on the issue of racism? Why do we have such explainable and fixable separation of churches and leadership?

It’s time to end this. It’s time for the church itself to end this. It’s time for the people of God to let go of racism and ignorance and hate.

We are waiting for you, pastors. Show us the love of God. Show us how He wants us to act, to live, to be.