For People Who Have “Pro-Life” Words Without Pro-Life Deeds

By | July 10, 2016

Y’all are just yelling amongst yourselves.
If you can’t figure out why black Americans don’t listen to you, it’s not because you aren’t yelling loud enough.
Maybe stop shouting and shaming and screaming will help.
Maybe asking black Americans will help.
Maybe listening to their concerns will help.
Maybe they are pro-life and not just proto-life.
Maybe they want to see their children fed, protected, loved, cherished,, educated, with access to clean water, safe food, full health care coverage for their precious babies, fair access to jobs and housing.
Maybe they hear your words “pro-life” and see no actions other than blocking access to clinics.
If the extent of your “pro-life” principles begins and ends with being against abortion, maybe they don’t listen because they see you as not actually “pro-life” but only anti-abortion.
Maybe you’re not wide and deep enough.
Maybe just words aren’t enough.