When It Feels Like It’s Time to Give Up

By | August 17, 2016

I wrote this for a friend who’d reached a low spot in life, and thought I’d share with people who need to be reminded of their value.

You can’t change the world all at once.

You can change the world a little bit at a time, maybe by changing the people in it a little bit at a time.

You’re a good person who helped me re-orient myself and who provided me some safe space to say out loud what I would long not even give myself permission to think about.

You have not solved an enormous, nearly intractable problem regarding people and places you loved and continue to love even though you also wish you did not love.

But you move people from one point to the next point in their journey. For that you are thanked and loved and respected.

Have you failed? Maybe. I don’t know. Maybe you were doing what is most authentically “you” and in the process you affected others in ways you weren’t looking for even though what you look for still eludes you.

Maybe you will continue your own journey of being a solid, confident, loving, assertive person who knows, in the deepest place of your heart, that you can do nothing less than you’re doing even though you do not see what you most want to see.

It is OK not to be able to fix everything. It is also OK to be able to fix some things and then to fix them because that is what you can do, right now.