When White Supremacy Breaks

By | October 9, 2016

flag“Trump is what happens when white American bourgeois masculinity is celebrated, allowed, and desired throughout one’s life.” Darnell L. Moore

What Darnell L. Moore says here about white male supremacy is all true—and more—but I wanted to extend this to talk about us, white men who knowingly or unknowingly buy into the idea that we White Men are by right and nature supreme in running and deciding all things.

And until white men like me realize that the toxic white masculinity is killing us and stripping us of the ability to enjoy life without making everything a need to be on top, we’ll keep supporting this crap.

Let’s be clear: white masculinity and white supremacy are killing black Americans and others. (It kills all who are not white Americans, but the obvious center of attack for 400 years has been blacks living in America.) They are the direct targets, not us. This is not making the story about us as if we’re the victims.

We’re not the victims. We’re the perpetrators, the beneficiaries, and the designers. But we think that somehow white supremacy and toxic white masculinity is a “winning” strategy in life when it is instead killing us and deadening our connection to life.

Trump is attractive because he is a bully and he “wins,” (MOAR TRUMP!) but he has nothing in his life but rage and hubris and fear. There is no resting spot for him that does not including boasting, no place where he can relax without thinking someone is getting ahead of him or disrespecting him, no time to trust that he is loved and cherished for who he is as a soul and not just because his riches gild the mud-pie.

That part of toxic white masculinity is ignored by all the white people who see only the “winning” and don’t see the way that a life that is like that is no real life at all.

That is what leads to the rage and the fear and the outbreak of violence and the attempts to beat down women–that fear that it is all slipping away, and we didn’t get all the things we were promised if we’d agree to let white supremacy be our values.

But it will all slip away. This is guaranteed. And white men like me have nothing to replace the unnatural, temporary supremacy we thought was permanent and ours by divine right.

I don’t think it will just fade away. I think it will break, all of a sudden. In 1619 we established subordination of those of African extraction and eventually turned that into chattel slavery which lasted for another 246 years.

And then, in a blink of an eye, that was broken. Not perfectly. Not even systematically. That took another 100 years for the next steps, and even now it’s still the dream of many white men to return to days of overt enslavement of others.

But it did break.

When white supremacy breaks—and it will—it will break in a similar way, and there will be the rearguard action to make the breaking as painful to others as possible.