We Wake Up, That’s What We Do

By | November 8, 2016

Well, that was unexpected.

To my fellow progressives and Democrats and even socialists – there’s no getting around this. We have been rejected in what we proposed for a vision for America, and in the next few years we will see profound changes we might also profoundly dislike.

Where do we go from here?

We go back to work. We go back to fighting for what’s right for people and for America.

We fight for a just wage for all workers.

We fight for equal access to civil rights.

We fight for the poor and lost, the weak and the wounded.

We fight for families and immigrants and the despised and the rejected.

We fight for honor and dignity in life and in death.

We fight for the right of women to choose their destiny.

We fight for the right of people of color to become full and equal citizens.

We fight for people of every faith and of no faith to enjoy full and equal access to all manner of public accommodation, housing, jobs, and education.

We fight for all in the LGBTQIA spectrum to be given the sunshine and not the shadows.

We fight for the role of peace in our nation’s foreign policy.

We fight for the rule of law for all, including our police forces to be put under the rule of law.

We fight for decriminalization of recreational drugs, the dismissal of charges and voiding of prison terms for those arrested and convicted of drug possession.

We fight for the removal of for-profit prisons, for-profit schools, for-profit health care, for-profit government services.

We fight for clear water and clear air and safe food.

We fight for an environment that understands the heavy hand of carbon-intensive energy upon our planet and works to find safe, clean fuels that can reverse climate change and global warming.

We fight for a science-based approach to all manners of public policy.

We have had those ideas rejected. Maybe too many people simply cannot go that far. Maybe too many people are too scared of change and too frightened by the words from powerful men, manipulating them into choosing a limited past.

But the way to win is to lick our wounds, reach out to our allies, and stand up again.

It’s OK to be enraged and to shout and to express every emotion. Nothing wrong in that. Do it for a while.

But — we have to get back to the work.

When you’re ready, let’s begin again.

We have work to do.