Reclaiming Liberal

By | January 22, 2017

ida-b-wells-birthday-Recently I have been interacting with people who would conversate with me about various issues. Sometimes they are about politics or religion or race or sex. Sometimes they are contentious, talking about which football team is best or which way should the toilet paper hang from the roll—from the front, or from the back.

And in some of those discussions, the attempt is made to shut it down by throwing out the words “You say that because you are a Liberal.” And to them, that stops the argument with an irrefutable statement.

They use the word “Liberal” as a pejorative, and by that use think they have called me evil or wrong or uninformed.

Even yesterday, January 21, the day of the Women’s March on Washington (but held in cities all over the world).

Even, most astonishingly, by women.

I will simply point out that the following facts about the civil rights, and the acknowledgement of human existence and value, that were provided by liberals, especially directed to women who use “Liberal” as a shibboleth for unrighteousness:

  • Your right to vote
  • Your right to equal assets in your marriage
  • Your right to end your marriage on your own choice
  • Your right to control your body and whether you have kids
  • Your right to open up credit lines and bank accounts in your own name, separate from your husband
  • Your right to have an independent life that does not require a husband
  • Your right to do any job you are qualified for
  • Your right to attend any school you are qualified for
  • Your right to perform equal service in the armed forces

You were made by God to be equal, but conservatives made you inferior to men.

It was liberals who fought for your rights, even your right to align yourself with conservatives.

You are fully free to believe and speak as you want. That’s freedom of speech and belief.

But when you sneer at “Liberals,” you are attempting to saw off the branch you are sitting on.

Absent “Liberals” fighting to get you equal rights, you would have no voice.

You don’t have to be a “Liberal” to realize this, and you don’t even have to thank a “Liberal.”

You should, however, at least know more about your history than what you hear and read on your conservative media outlets.