Why Do White American Christians Do What They Do?

By | July 26, 2017

I don’t think I understand white Christian Americans anymore.JesusFacepalm3-e1341060999857

I was born white.

I was born American.

I became Christian in my teens.

I’ve tried to live a Christian life, and with that in the context of being both white and American.

Mistakes were made. 🙂

But in all this, I was never, ever told or taught that the essence of my being a *good* white Christian American was to hate someone else for reasons they could not affect or reasons that did not matter.

I don’t get–ABSOLUTELY do not get–my Christian brothers and sisters advocating and celebrating direct harm to my fellow humans (and brothers and sisters!) who are gay or lesbian or queer or transgender or bisexual or intersex or … otherwise human.

There is nothing in the teachings of the Church and nothing in the Bible that tells us to hate people in the first place, and there is nothing directly from Jesus or Paul that tells us to hate and exclude people, and to celebrate their harm.


Not in the red letters, and not in the black.

You can quibble on whether in *your* version of Christianity that *your* God will exclude them from heaven.

But nowhere are we as Christians told that hatred towards those we do not understand is a godly value.

Nowhere are we told as Christians to harm our enemies.

Nowhere are we told to uphold hate and fear as values.

What is wrong with you, my brothers and sisters? When did you decide to embrace hatred and fear, and how do you square it with your Sunday morning praise and worship?