Sorry Folks — to Avoid a Choice Is to Make a Choice

By | November 22, 2017

Traditionally, orthodox Christianity means a religion centered around the Christ of the New Testament, where what Jesus said and taught and did forms the central, defining properties of the religion.

Christ did not hate the Jews or want them eliminated or gassed.

Christ did not hate black Africans. In fact, some of the first disciples were black Africans. (You can look this one up. You’ll be astonished at what you were seeing all along.)

Christ did not expel the stranger or demonize the foreigner. In fact, he used the foreigner despised by others as an example of what a man acting as a neighbor would look like.

Christ did not fear and hate those who were of another religion. He even welcomed people of other faiths.

Christ did not hate or exclude women, whether from being his followers, being his friends, or even being his disciples and apostles.

The stuff you’re seeing in America right now from the Republicans and conservatives who are Trump-followers is not from Christ or from orthodox Christianity.

It is coming from people who are letting their hatreds and their fears and their demons trump (pun!) their commitment and faithfulness to Christ.

They are fallen Christians, or they never were Christians but used the Church as a safe harbor for their hatreds.

I am sorry it is coming out like this, but Christians who follow Christ will not be following Trump. Christ himself said it best: you cannot serve two masters; you cannot serve both God and money.

You must choose. You cannot choose both.