Love Wins, But Sometimes It Comes in Second

By | December 11, 2017

daughter“May God have mercy on us all. I only know I miss my daughter Patti very much and I am grateful for having her as my daughter.”

Would you abandon your child if they told you they were gay?

Would you sit there while your preacher preached hate about your child?

Would you sit there with your child while he did so?

Some people learn too late that hate never wins.

Love wins.

This man lost his daughter because he was taught by his church to hate gay people, and his church hated gay people.

His daughter killed herself because she couldn’t handle being hated for who she was.

Maybe it’s time for Christians to stop making sex the most important part of following Jesus.

Maybe it’s about something far deeper and higher.

Maybe it’s about boundless, abundant, redemptive, hopeful love.

Maybe if the followers of Christ loved the people around them, they’d demonstrate the value of Christ.

No one cares about words. Everyone cares about being loved, accepted, and forgiven.

Try that, Jesus people. Try love.