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Freewrite 2012-02-20

By | February 21, 2012

As usual, a line and 15 minutes. No editing! Skeeter picked up the ball and ran for Daylight. “Gimme that ball, Skeeter,” cried Daylight. No one could stop him on the court. “Ain’t no way you gonna get a ball inna basket ‘less you take it away from me,” replied Skeeter. They both raced down… Read More »

A Brushed Crumb

By | November 8, 2011

Freewrite 2011-11-07. We get the first line (in italics, below) and 15 minutes. No backspace. Capri dandled the baby on her knee, momentarily oblivious to the noise of the wake. She looked like her father even at that age. Not even six months old, but the same clear, confident blue eyes and ready smile. Darleen… Read More »

Five Minutes, Mr. President

By | September 10, 2011

Again, the rules are the same: we get a first line, and we have 10 minutes to write a story. ================================================ In freefall, somehow M’buto managed to check his watch: in five seconds he would be President. “Blast that protocol officer with his crazy ideas for my inauguration,” he thought. Jenkins, late of the British… Read More »

Three’s a Crowd

By | September 10, 2011

This is a short story written for Word Jazz in September 2011. The theme we were given is “3.” Carmina’s Story The phone buzzed on the table. I picked it up. Again there was the message. Carmina. Call me. D’Anton. I looked over at Brandon lying there, snoring, saw the trickle of drool dampen the… Read More »

Freewrite 2011-04-04

By | April 5, 2011

Rules are the same. First line is the prompt; the rest is the story. We have 10 minutes to complete a story, so there’s no time to go back and “fix” things. =========================================== Jenny always enjoyed visiting the shore, but she most loved talking to the fish people. There was something gentle and soothing about… Read More »