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  • llburk

    I’m reading thru about 1000 of Nathan branfords submission. and something about yours is good and leads me to believe you are from texas.

    I’m a new writer and am old and probably not very talented, but I really enjoy writing since my kids are now in college and I now have tons of time on my hands. Tell me abour yourself. Where do you live?


    • Well, I appreciate the comment, which shows that I’m a darned good writer because no, I’m not from Texas. (I hope you realize I’m a bit tongue in cheek here about my mad writing skills. I think I’m more confident about myself than I have a right to, but maybe that’s part of me getting into the spirit of Texas.)

      I’m writing a story that takes place in Texas because it “fits” there. Coincidentally, I was writing my “afterword” today to explain why I picked the locale:

      There is no Windmill, Texas. I made up a town and location that could be just about anywhere. It happens to take place in Texas, because Texas, being such a big state with such an interesting history, provides plenty of opportunities for contradictions and conflicts. There’s a lot about Texas that is still wide open, and so is the story of Henry Valentine.

      Some events in the story might seem to be possible “only in the South,” but the record of interaction between ethnic groups in America has been problematic for 500 years. If you think the events in this story are a truthful indictment or a libelous yarn, you might want to rethink what makes you think this is a Southern story. It is not a Southern story; it is an American story.

      I’m working hard on the story and am going to have it ready for review by June 30 2011, and I will bring it to our writers conference up here in August 2011. (Pacific Northwest Writers Association sponsors this conference. It’s a big deal for us up here in the Northwest.)

      I’ll post excerpts of it on the blog. I’m getting good feedback from my writers group. One lady in particular (who has NEVER liked my writing because it’s too candy-like) really liked the excerpt she read this week.

  • Rick

    Oh my crap…. I have been trying to find that song “If Your Hairs Too Long, There’s Sin In Your Heart ” for years!!! … any idea where I can get it?

    • You know, I found the record by chance on a record site. I just kept looking. I don’t even remember where it was.

      The original authors have split up, so it’s not something they keep in print. But I think you can get the actual song on a cassette tape if you look for it.

      Good luck. If I find it, I’ll let you know.

  • Festiva Stanwich

    Good stuff

  • Daniel Deyl

    Re: discussion, The Atlantic: Pursue this further?! As far as I can tell, this is your first post in this discussion, so why don’t you simply choose not to pursue whatever you think you are pursuing and do something worthwhile?

    • I don’t usually approve content that responds to cross-domain content. What I post through Disqus and what I post here, on my site, are both public knowledge and I do attempt to be consistent.

      If I post something on another website that you do not like, it’s probably best to reply to me there, where the context is still available.

      That’s the right place to continue the conversation.

      I’ll have to delete any further replies here as being off-topic.

      I hope you understand.


  • Dave

    We just had a real nice conversation on discus. You are one of the good guys DBW1001

    • Thanks. That’s awfully kind.

      I’m pretty open about who I am and where I’ve come from.

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