Are We a Constitutional Nation?

By | May 18, 2015

I had a discussion recently with a friend over whether certain Constitutional statements had the same meaning when written/enacted as they do today. The first answer we want to say is “of course the meaning of Constitutional statements is exactly the same as in 1787.” We don’t want the applications of Constitutional guarantees to change,… Read More »

Free Book–“The Boy From Africa”

By | May 16, 2015

A friend of mine (Jerry Sarkwah) wrote a book about an orphan growing up in Ghana in the 1980s and 1990s. It’s quite interesting as it talks about the travails, dangers, and even blessings encountered along the way from a young boy around 8 to a mature adult in his 30s. You can enter the… Read More »

The Role of the Christian in Society

By | April 12, 2015

Monty today talked from Isaiah 58, the great passage about God’s heart for social justice: “Is not this the fast that I choose:to loose the bonds of wickedness,to undo the straps of the yoke,to let the oppressed go free,and to break every yoke?Is it not to share your bread with the hungryand bring the homeless… Read More »

The King Is Coming

By | March 29, 2015

The biblical illiteracy in America is astonishing. Nowhere in the Christian scriptures, dogmas, teachings or the example of Jesus do we find a directive to make non-Christians obey the peculiar religious instructions of a Christian denomination. (And by “peculiar” I am echoing the words from the book of 1 Peter, of course.) No one can… Read More »

Which Party Is the “Party of Civil Rights”?

By | March 18, 2015

There is a canard circulating that the “Republicans are the party of civil rights and the Democrats are the party against civil rights,” based upon an gross misunderstanding of what happened in 1964, an incompetent search for the facts, and a malicious desire to change history for partisan advantage. You need to know the facts… Read More »

Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County: A Family, a Virginia Town, a Civil Rights Battle

By | March 1, 2015

I just preordered this book “Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County: A Family, a Virginia Town, a Civil Rights Battle” Two things about this fascinate me:1) The movement to close down whites-only public schools rather than integrate them in the 50s and 60s came from conservative white Christians who would rather harm themselves,… Read More »

What Malcolm X Taught Me

By | February 22, 2015

50 years ago tonight Malcolm X was shot to death. He was both opposed and dismissed by many, perhaps loved and admired by some, but in all that he was he was a voice of a man speaking up for himself. I read his autobiography a few years ago, and while I had to return… Read More »